Swing Striker

Client: Bored.com

Category: Android, Games, iOS, Web

It’s basically multiplayer soccer… with grappling hooks… and perhaps too much blood.


Swing Striker is a 1-4 player iOS/Droid soccer game that has players use grappling hooks to swing across the field (over water and lava) to smash a ball into each other’s goals.  It’s a very competitive, action packed, skill-based game with 2D physics created in Unity 3D in 4 weeks by 3 developers.  It was originally released as a Flash game on bored.com called Swing Soccer which has over 1 million plays across the web.

Players select from 8 Characters, 20 multiplayer fields and 30 single player challenges. In-app purchases include extra characters, levels, and more rounds (rounds are limited to 10, if a player runs out they must wait for more or can buy some). Within the first week, it had over 2,000 downloads on iOS and reached top 200 sport games on iPad in USA.


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