Stunt Racer

Client: World 3D Games

Category: Android, Games, iOS, Web

Stunt Racer is a series of 10 3D stunt racing games created by Giant Fox Studios for World 3D Games.  We created 1 racing game template that we were able to quickly reskin and remake levels to quickly create all 10 games in the series.  The gameplay consists of the player driving a vehicle around a unique world with beams of blue light scattered around.  They have to find the best path to drive through all the beams before a timer runs out.  If they do, a new set of beams appears and guides them to a more challenging area of the open world.  If they run out of time, they can watch a video ad to extend the time.  We added unique aspects to each game ranging from an active volcano, underwater physics, driving on walls/switching the direction of gravity, and outer space gameplay complete with falling asteroids and low gravity.


The games all were downloaded thousands of times, have overall good ratings, and have great monetization for a free to play game.  We can easily create more of these for any publisher.


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