Stick Swipe


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In the heat of battle, how fast can you swipe?

Sticks Swipe is a real-time skill-based RPG fighting game that has unique fast-paced gameplay.  The player’s character fights against groups of enemies attacking and blocking.  For every action the player wants to perform, they are presented with a group of numbered amulets.  Players must swipe across the amulets in the correct order before a timer runs out. The amount of amulets they correctly swiped affect the outcome of the action (basically the same as rolling a die in D&D).  It’s such a simple mechanic, but many ways to use it.

Casual gamers were quick learn the easy controls of just swiping across numbers and enjoyed it while hardcore gamers were entertained from the deeper gameplay.  There were many different strategies and play styles that emerged from our simple gameplay mechanic.  Strategies include choosing which enemy to strike first, when to time attacks, using small swipes on multiple enemies, upgrading different weapons and powers to change timing, amount, and pattern of the amulets.  We were able to use the same basic mechanic and give it many layers of depth because of the other content in the game

With 9 full levels with boss fights at the end, 7 different enemy types to fight through, and an unlimited mode, players spend hours defeating enemies

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