Slippery Sloth

Client: Ninja Fish Studios

Category: Android, Games, iOS

This little sloth has one dream: To reach the top. A big greasy pole stands in the way of him and his dream. How far up the pole can you take him?

In this easy to pickup, impossible to beat game, you play as a cute sloth climbing up a slippery pole and avoiding dangerous obstacles like birds, planes and more! What will you even find up there? What high score can you get to? Just tap to climb, it’s as simple as that, but easier said than done! Don’t forget to dress up your sloth! Get higher scores to unlock more crazy things for him to wear!

This game was created in only 1 week with a team of 2 developers. It has been very well received and has an average of 4.5 stars with over 60 reviews on Android and iOS.  You can play it on Android here and web here.

Try it yourself and see if you can get a highscore. See you at the top little sloth!

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