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In a colorless world, how bright are your decisions?


Regrowth is a point and click Flash game that won an art game competition at the Firehouse Gallery in Burlington, VT and is sponsored on and  The game stars a seed whose goal is to create a better world for it to be planted it. The player is faced with a puzzle that has two solutions on most screens. The environmentally friendly solution to the puzzle is more difficult to figure out but results in a brighter world while the harmful solution is more of the “easy way out” and results in the world becoming more gray.  After a while, the player’s actions add up and result in their world is either gray-scaled or bright.  There is also no text in the game so anyone can enjoy the game. We do this by using icons in the dialog.  At the end of the game, it restarts on its own to show cycle of life/destruction and how people affect the environment.




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“10/10.  Interesting and very thought provoking. Excellent point and click game.”

“A very unique idea, easy game play, and nice graphics make this a great game.”

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