Client: Fancy Sloth

Category: Android, Games

QUIRK – A Sci-Fi Murder Mystery

The news warned everyone to stay indoors while the government tests a hadron collider experiment for the first time. Not unusual in today’s day and age, but perhaps I shouldn’t have stayed without my family.

A game for hidden object game fans and mystery game fans alike.

Quirk is a reality-bending mystery game that challenges your smarts with tough puzzles and clever riddles.

The TV, phones, and power all went out at the same time. I noticed a lit up house down the road, but when I got there, things weren’t as I expected they would be..


• 3 suspenseful levels to solve
• Over 2 hours of gameplay
• Play the entire first level completely free, play the next two for a small fee
• Dozens of puzzles and riddles to solve
• Over 50 hidden objects to collect, combine, and place throughout the game
• Over 75 scenes to navigate through


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