Quick Stick Series

Client: Bored.com

Category: Games, Web

Be quick, strike fast and eliminate your stickmen opponents! Can you complete this fighting course and beat up all the ninja sticks?

Quick stick is a super fast paced action game in which the player must click enemy sticks before they kill their character. Whenever the player needs to click, the game goes into a slow-mo mode and gives then about a short amount of time to click on the enemy. There are some cases where there are multiple enemies on the screen and the player must check the map to see which way makes the most sense to go otherwise they could end up at a dead end and not kill all of the enemies.  This series has about 4 million plays on bored.com and over 10 million total on all websites.

Play them all:

Quick Stick 1

Quick Stick 2

Quick Stick 3

Quick Stick 4