Princess In Peril

Client: Gamify

Category: Android, Games, iOS


Once upon a time the beloved princess Jackie was taken from the castle by the evil mecha dragon. No worries though, valiant Sir Patrick showed up in his shining plaid shirt to save his love. While celebrating the victory, Jackie slips off a cliff! Undaunted by gravity, Sir Patrick leaps after his Princess in Peril.

Take control of Sir Patrick as he dodges an insane amount of enemies trying to catch up to his Princess Jackie before she hits the ground! Collecting coins to buy awesome new upgrades will be the only way he can possibly catch up and defeat the final boss in time!


– Super simple swipe controls! Swipe left to move left. Swipe right to move right. Tap to shoot.
– Catch up to Princess Jackie before she hits the ground in 2 minutes!
– Collect coins to upgrade move speed, ammo amount, health, weapon, and add a coin multiplier.
– Once you finally catch up to her will you have enough ammo to defeat the final boss?

Princess in Peril is a game design by “Princess” Jackie herself as an anniversary present for her Knight in shining plaid, Patrick. Gamify helped her create this game for the adorable couple. Contact if you would like a game made for someone. We make games for birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, any occasion really.

Quote from Jackie during the game development:
“OMG JAIME! IM CRYING THIS IS GREAT!” – When she first saw them as characters in the game.

“Oh my god I just played it and saw the screen before the game starts. It’s absolutely perfect Jaime. Holy ****. Thank you so much this is better than anything I could’ve asked for.” – First time playing it.

“He freaked. He won’t stop playing it now!” – On their anniversary when we asked if Patrick liked it. He apparently kept playing the game until he beat it.

This is what making games is about, making people happy. Gamify makes games to bring people closer together. Share the love, make a game for someone you care about at


Note: This game is not released yet. If you are interested in publishing this game, please contact us for details.

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