My Sweet Honeybee

Client: Giant Fox Studios

Category: Games, iOS

Play as the last bee in the world desperately trying to keep up the pollination rate to save the world from spiraling into complete darkness!

We created this game to help raise awareness for honeybees that are dying out due to pesticides.  The player plays as the last surviving honeybee in the world and has the impossible job of pollinating the world fast enough.  Every frame the world gets slightly darker but it brightens up for every flower the player pollinates.  The player has to watch out for flowers with pesticides on them or they will lose 10% of their health and lose speed.  As the game progresses there are more and more pesticides forcing the player to make the choice of saving the world or themselves.  Eventually the player will die or the world will be engulfed in complete darkness.  After they die the player can donate to charities for honeybees, answer questions about honeybees for better odds on their next play through, or buy in app purchases to dress up their bee.

The game was promoted by bee activist groups and played on projectors at a few protests.


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