Heineken: Brewing A Better World

Client: Heineken & Emanate

Category: Android, Games, iOS, Web

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Heineken has done a lot to help make the world a better place. What better way to learn about them then in a game!

A PR Agency contacted us to help them create a game for their client, Heineken. We were thrilled to work with such a great brand in developing a game that communicated information to the user through fun games. Players learn about how Heineken uses boats for transportation which helps on CO2 admissions, how they’ve partnered with a recycling company, and have paid for free rides home from festivals while promoting drinking responsibly. The player learns about them by playing a game where they drive a cargo ship, catching recyclable objects in a bin, and walking around a music festival while making sure they stay hydrated enough and find a safe ride home. We completed the project in only a few weeks and both clients were very pleased with the outcome. We would love to make more of these advergames so contact us today if you are interested in creating one for your brand!

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