The Grand Adventure of Elroy The Unipus

Client: Giant Fox Studios

Category: Games

After a vicious attack, Elroy lost seven of his tentacles!  Now he must decide who will help him on his quest for revenge!

The Grand Adventure of Elroy the Unipus is one of the first games created by Giant Fox Game’s Founder, Jaime Fraina.  It’s a quirky adventure/maze game that was created in just 15 weeks with only 2 developers.  It was created as an experiment to see how narrative affects how players’ actions in a game.  Throughout the game, Elroy is pulled in three opposite directions from different non-playable characters on what he should be doing. General Fishkins wants him to grow back to full health so he can rejoin the army, Mindy, a snail that “loves” him, tells him to stay with one tentacle due to how cute it makes him, and Elroy himself would like to eat crabs, which make him temporarily invincible, but all the other characters tell him not to.  What will influence you the most: fitting in, love, or doing things that make sense for the gameplay?

The result of the experiment showed that Some players don’t care about the story and just do things that will get them through the challenges, but most (especial female gamers) actually set harder challenges for themselves just to make a certain character in the game happier.

There is about an hour or of fun interesting gameplay involving navigating Elroy around obstacles, fighting enemies, intense bosses, and solving puzzles.


StoryBoard (Click to View/Download)

Enemy Information (Click to View/Download)

Post Mortem (Click to View/Download)

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