Galaxy Blast

Client: Gravy Baby

Category: Android, Games, iOS

Are you ready for hours of fast paced space bunny laser blasting action?! Galaxy Blast brings you all that and some! Use 2 fingers to control a laser through space, without getting killed by the crazy aliens life forms and planets!


Galaxy Blast is a game Giant Fox Studios created for a publisher, Gravy Baby, mid 2015.  The game has almost all 5 star ratings on both iOS and Android.  It was on display at PlaycraftingNYC and had a featured app review on
Unique 2 Touch Controls
Use 2 fingers to stretch, shrink, and rotate your laser through an intense obstacle course full of asteroids, planets, and alien creatures all trying to stop you!

50 Levels
With 50 unique levels and over 3 hours of gameplay to be enjoyed! Most don’t have to skill to make it to the end. Do you?

Lots and lots of enemies!
If space whales bunnies with lasers isn’t enough, well, then we’ve got a lot more of all sorts of crazy alien life forms and planets that will try to stop you.

Epic Boss Fights
Shooting, chasing, spinning, and minions are just a few tactics you’ll need for the 10 crazy boss fights you’ll encounter as you make your way through deep space!

Power Ups
We’re warning you: some levels can get really tough! We’ve thrown in plenty of free power ups to get you through the game but you can always use the coins you’ve collected to beef up laser to blast away enemies before they even reach you!

Each level earns you up to 3 stars. Collect stars to unlock the game. Pull off some crazy stunts and stats and unlock achievements that you can compare and show off to your friends. Our hardcore beta testers could not unlock all achievements. Can you?

Arcade Mode for Highscores
Want a simpler endless mode? Earn extra coins and see how far you can get in the Arcade Mode, and compete against your friends and the world on the Google Play Games leaderboard.

Some Reviews:

– “This game is so addictive, I just can’t put it down!” Beta Tester
– “Reminds me of old school retro arcade games. Super hard, but luckily wont eat all my quarters” – Android Gamer
– “Galaxy Blast is damn good fun, not because it’s a fairly simple arcade game that asks you to dodge stuff, but because of the mechanic using two thumbs. Not for a long time have I come across a game like this that actually asks me to do something different with my finger and thumbs. It’s also an excellent display of how sophisticated multi-touch is these days.” – review


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