Escape 3D Series


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Escape 3D is an escape game series for that is still going strong today.  The games all place the player in a locked environment with items they can  collect, combine, and place on other objects.  They must solve puzzles and find a way to escape.

These games were originally intended to only be Flash web games but gained so much popularity that we converted them to mobile games using AIR.  Some of the mobile games have reached within the top 10 on the puzzle category of the App Store in some countries and have millions of plays.

We still create a new e3D game every 2 weeks for, if you are interested in any escape game let us know and we can easily create one themed for your company!


Here are links to some of the e3D games on iOS. You can play all the escape 3D games on

e3D The Deck

e3D The Library

e3D The Bathroom

e3D The Jail

e3D The Elevator


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