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Destroy stickmen in the huge Causality Series!

Causality is a huge stickmen killing series with over 20 installments and 3 spin off series.  There are over 30 million plays total in this huge hit series for  Each game has 5-8 stickmen and 1-3 levels. The player’s goal is to find ways to cause all stickmen to die but there is 1 more rule, the sticks can’t see another one die. Over 100 stickmen in the series each is unique and presents a new challenge to the players

The success of this game has lead to 3 spin off series. ClickDeath which has a different art style but same gameplay, CounterStick which has a consistent story where the stickmen found out about the player trying to kill them and start fighting the cursor, and Causality Adventure which has 10 levels in each installment that follow one character through an epic stick adventure.

Here are just a few walkthrough videos for Causality games. You can find more Here

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