Baloo Series


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In this series, players have to injury a character (which we named Baloo) in different ways.  It started with a game called “Teeth Smasher” which received almost 1 million plays on and millions web-wide.  We then created more skill games for the series all injuring Baloo in a different way.  Each game has unique gameplay and different coding challenges.  They were all very fun to work on created in only 2 weeks each.


Teeth Smasher:


A hammer goes left and right inside Baloo’s mouth and swings upwards towards Baloo’s teeth whenever the player clicks.  the player must time the clicks so they break all of the teeth within the time limit.  Getting a direct hit will break a tooth, but being off even by a slight bit will result in the tooth being cracked but not destroyed. Completely missing results in a time penalty and takes 10 seconds off of the timer.

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Grab the Tongue:


The player selects a grabber and then pulls on Baloo’s tongue.  The goal is to stretch his tongue across the screen while avoiding all sorts of crazy obstacles.  The player will have to be fast and find the best path across the screen to pull his tongue far enough.  The player gains points for the amount of time it takes them to complete each level.  They can use the points to buy upgraded grabbers that can move faster, have better grip, or are smaller to avoid obstacles easier.

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Poke the Eye:


This game has Baloo looking through a hole in a wooden plank.  Every time the player clicks, the poker object pokes the eye.  In each level the eye has a set amount of health and each poke takes some health away.  If the player pokes the pupil its an instant win for the level.  Eventually obstacles start appearing to block the player from touching the eye.  The player can upgrade their poker to have ones that are smaller, faster, and cause more damage.

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Pick the Nose:


In this game, player pick different pickers to pick Baloo’s nose with.  The noses move and rotate so the player must aim and click at the right time to make it inside the nose.  Once inside they have to scrub away any boogers.  The level is complete when the nose is clear.  The player gains points based on time and can use the points to buy new pickers that are smaller, faster, or stronger to help them with the next level.

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Hair Ripper:


Baloo needs a haircut and its up to the player to pluck out all of his hairs. The player has to carefully aim a plucker and then click to pull out hairs from Baloo’s head in this ridiculous skill game.  The less clicks and time the player takes to make Baloo bald give them more points to buy upgraded pluckers.  New pluckers are faster and able to pull more hair.  The game starts out easy with just a few strands of hair on his head but eventually his head is full of hair with near impossible time limits.

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Slice the Finger:


A finger is sliding left and right on the bottom of the screen and it’s up to the player to slice through it.  They must time clicks to have a slicer move down the screen. Some of the fingers are too thick to slice through with one click, so the player has to time slices so they land in the same place and cut all the way through.  Again the players can upgrade their slicer for ones that are smaller, faster, and stronger to help them avoid obstacles and slice through faster and advance to the next level.

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Flick the Ear:


In this game, the player controls a hand flicking Baloo’s ear.  Every time they flick his ear it causes a red spot that slowly fades away.  The goal of each level is to fill up a certain percent of the ear with red. Once the percent is reached, the player can advance to the next level.  Eventually the ears change sizes, rotate, move, and try to avoid the flicks to make the game more challenging.

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Celeb Teeth Smasher:


The audience loves celebrity games. So we switched out Baloo with some celebs for this last game in the series.  This one is the same as Teeth Smasher, but there is now an extra set of teeth on the bottom. The player has to click either above or below the hammer to swing it in that direction.  The goal of each level is changed from destroying all teeth to only destroying rotten ones.  Hitting a good tooth will cause it to crack and need to be removed to complete the level, so the player must try to avoid hitting the good ones at all.  If the player takes to long, some teeth will grow back and they will have to smash them again.

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Overall this series did very well with the audience even though it is completely ridiculous and was a great coding challenge to have all of these unique games complete in only 2 weeks each.