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We believe that app development is an artform and are very passionate about every project big or small. Each project needs to be designed perfectly with the audience’s needs and monetization in mind. Production has to be executed with expert level quality to stand out in the App Store but also within scope and budget. It’s a careful balance that takes years of experience to perfect. With over 100 published games, millions of downloads on apps, and huge clients for ads, we are your one-stop development team for all of your mobile and web needs. We strive to provide top quality service at an affordable price and quick timeline.


Over 100 Web and Mobile Games

Creating a game that fits a client’s audience is our top priority. Our games range from small quiz games made in a day, to huge RPGs. We strive to make products that stand out, engage the audience, and are affordable for the client.


Millions of Downloads on App Store

Giant Fox Studios specializes in taking ideas and concepts from vague ideas to high quality products on the App Store and Google Play.  We have an extraordinary amount of experience in all aspects of app development – developing an idea further to fit the audience, optimizing the app for maximum monetization, rapid prototyping to make a playable build quickly, developing the app to exceed expectations, and helping with marketing to receive the most exposure possible.


Advertisements for Huge Clients

Giant Fox Studios has created billboard and Flash ads for many clients including VW and Audi.  We complete all steps of the process from creative preproduction designs, creating mockups, completing designs and animations, to ensuring consumers see the ads.  Extremely fast turn around and affordable prices make us the #1 choice when choosing a company to create your advertisements.

Our Work

Our projects range from small Flash stickman games to high quality luxury apps to 3D car models for billboard advertisements in Dubai. No matter what your project is, we can handle it.

Our Services

Our Services

We bring ideas to life.

Preproduction Design

Our design team will create detailed documentation and mockup designs to take an idea and turn it into a solid design doc for a high quality product.

Rapid Prototyping

Using many great prototyping tools, we are able to create playable builds of any game or app within weeks or sometimes even days.

Top Monetization

Our monetization experts will help develop a monetization strategy to ensure you make the highest profit possible from your product.

High Quality Production

Our team will work closely with you sending daily reports on progress so you can be sure the product is looking exactly how you like it.

Smooth App Store Submission

We take the extra step and help submit the app to the App Store or Google Play if needed.

App Marketing

We are very passionate about our products and don’t want to see any fail due to bad marketing. We offer amazing services to ensure the app gets maximum exposure.

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