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Princess in Peril

An anniversary game about love, danger, and really weird creatures.

This game was made for Jackie and Patrick’s anniversary as a gift from Jackie to Patrick. 

Early in 2015, my friend Jackie asked me to make a game for her to give to her boyfriend on their anniversary. I loved the idea so much but when I asked her what the budget would be, she said $50. If I tell that to anyone in the game industry, they laugh and say it’s impossible. I wasn’t going to give up that easy, so I found an artist that drew Jackie and her boyfriend and I coded the game myself.

The game is entirely based about them. The art is all custom-drawn by an artist to look exactly like them, all the enemies are based on their favorite animals, the music is a track Jackie selected, the colors of the UI are their favorite colors, and Jackie helped design the intro story and gameplay. We made the game as much about them as a couple as we possibly could, and on their anniversary, Jackie showed Patrick the game. He LOVED it. He sat there and played through the whole game in 2 hours. Both of them couldn’t thank us enough for the amazing unique gift and the enjoyment it brought them.

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