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As a mobile mobile game studio its hard to find time to get things done.  Even if sitting on a beach sipping on a nice island drink working on silly stickman games sounds like the life,  being in a hostel full of people going out drinking, cliff diving, and adventuring all day on an island where everyone is just living for the moment and has no cares about the future makes it almost impossible to say “sorry guys, I have to get work done.”  So what to do as a freelancer who is traveling and working at the same time?

I find the best solution for me is to stay somewhere with great wifi for about a week and literally do nothing but work, eat, sleep for that week so I’m super ahead of schedule and can use the next 2-3 weeks as vacation time. It’s been a lot easier for me to buckle down and stay in work mode than to keep switching out of vacation mode to get a few hours of work done a day. It helps with enjoying the traveling aspects if you don’t have to always have work on your mind too.

On that note – Today is day 4 of my work week for this month! All caught up with everything I needed to finish and now working on everything I need to finish for the next few weeks!  As soon as I’m done, off to Cambodia!